WWE NXT Outcomes – Bron Breaker vs. Cameron Grimes, Ladies’s Championship Match

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Here is what’s in retailer tonight:

  • Bron Breaker confronts Cameron Grimes
  • Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Probability – NXT Ladies’s Tag Workforce Championship Contenders Quantity One Match
  • Indy Hartwell vs Keanna James
  • Xion Quinn vs. Sangi
  • Giovanni Vinci vs Ikeman Jiro


The present begins and our workforce of commentators Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to tonight’s present. The musical hits of Kayden Carter and Katana Probability are making their method by way of the group and it is time for our first contest of the night.

Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Probability – NXT Ladies’s Tag Workforce Championship Contenders Quantity One Match

Jade and Carter begin it. Jade corners Carter, Carter reverses course and so they break. We’re proven NXT Ladies’s Champion Mandy Rose alongside NXT Ladies’s Champions Gigi Dolin and Jaycee Jane of Poisonous Attraction on the Poisonous Lounge, and we’re protecting an in depth eye on it. Carter knocks Jade down onto the mat, jumps to the highest turnbuckle, walks over the ropes, and pins Jade down by dragging his arm earlier than tagging Probability, who lands on his personal and walks for canopy, however Jade clears out. Jade hits Probability and rapidly tries to take cowl, however Probability flies out. Jade snapmare, then a glancing kick to the chest and marks Perez, who pins Probability with a pair of forearms, then grabs and slaps Probability earlier than returning Jade’s mark.

Jade kicks Probability off his toes and walks for canopy, however Probability raises his shoulders as Jade clings to Perez. Probability dodges Perez and places a label on Carter, who crushes Perez with a pump slam after which swings his neck earlier than going for canopy, however Perez clears out. Carter tosses Perez to the mat, tags Probability, who flies excessive rope and pins Perez to cowl with a senton, however Perez clears out after two counts. Perez drops Probability and places a label on Jade, everybody within the ring, Perez throws Carter out, she and Jade do a double hit on Probability, Jade tries to take cowl however Probability knocks out. All 4 opponents face one another within the ring, Jade and Probability go outdoors, Perez tries to hurry everybody, however Carter sneaks again into the ring, hits her with a lariat and throws her out of the ring as we go to industrial break.

After coming back from a break, Carter and Perez battle within the ring. Carter makes use of a two-legged Boston crab earlier than rapidly transitioning to a one-legged variation. Carter drags Perez right into a nook and tags Probability, who then additionally makes use of a bipedal crab. Perez knocks Probability again right into a pin try, Probability pops up and re-applies the change, however Perez knocks out Probability and makes a Jade tag, which clears the home. Jade breaks down Carter, who has simply been noticed, with a power-up enziguri and goes for canopy, just for Carter to fly out. Carter trains Jade with a brilliant kick and he or she and Jade hit one another with simultaneous tremendous kicks that knock one another down. Jade labels Perez, Carter tries to label Probability, however Probability does not work. Carter superhit Perez and Probability returns to the apron as Carter makes a mark. Probability and Carter are in search of their double workforce finisher however Jade knocks Carter off the apron and Perez goes to the center rope and places Probability with Pop Rocks on 1-2-3!

Winners – Cora Jade and Roxana Perez

Following the match, it was introduced that Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez would problem Gigi Dolin and Jaycee Jane for the NXT Ladies’s Tag Workforce Championships at The Nice American Bash the next week.

We then see Roderick Robust, Ivy Niall, Damon Kemp and NXT Tag Workforce Champions, the Creed Brothers of Diamond Mine, backstage. Robust apologizes to the Creeds and everybody hugs.

Returning to the ring, Giovanni Vinci descends to the ring and, after the break, will face Ikeman Jiro.

Again from hiatus, Nikkita Lyons approaches Poisonous Attraction, who was with Mackenzie Mitchell. Rose challenges Lyons to a match tonight. Lyons agrees and Poisonous Attraction storms off.

Giovanni Vinci vs Ikeman Jiro

Vince throws Jiro right into a nook as quickly because the bell rings. Vinci blocks his hand and Jiro slides out, however Vinci knocks him down and steps on Jiro’s again. Jiro jumps up and reaches for the clothesline, however Vinci dodges and hits Jiro with a German suplex. Vinci sends Jiro right into a nook and units him on hearth with a few punches to the chest. Vinci goes upstairs and pelts Jiro with a twister DDT, then scoops it up and pelts him with a large seated energy bomb on the depend of three!

Winner – Giovanni Vinci

We’ll then see footage of Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs successful the NXT UK Tag Workforce Championship earlier this week, and after the break we’ll hear from the champions and Fallon Henley.

Getting back from a break, ring announcer Alicia Taylor welcomes new NXT UK Tag Workforce Champions Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, in addition to Fallon Henley to the ring. They’re rapidly interrupted by Fairly Lethal and challenged to a title match to allow them to regain “status” for the titles.

Indy Hartwell vs Keanna James

Lock to begin. Indy makes use of a waist maintain and hand hooks James 3 times earlier than making use of an arm maintain. James journeys Indy on the mat and makes use of head scissors, however Indy rolls it as much as power James to interrupt the maintain. Indy hits James with just a few elbows, then a giant boot within the face earlier than going for canopy, however James is thrown out. Indy goes up and down, making an attempt to drop his elbow, however James slips out and throws Indy up for a 1-2-3!

Winner – Kiana James

We then see Tony D’Angelo and Stacks on the bridge. D’Angelo implies that the Two Dimes have handed away, throws Dimes’ leather-based jacket into the ocean, and says that Dimes is now “sleeping with the fishes” as we head into the industrial break.

Diamond Mine (Roderick Robust, Julius and Brutus Creed) (with Damon Kemp and Ivy Niall) vs. Joe Gacy and Diada

Robust and Gacy begin it. Robust with an arm drag, then a shoulder seize and apply arm lock. Gacy geese and bets on one of many dyads. Brutus is marked and hits Dyad with a punch after which a suplex. Brutus places a label on Yul, who trains Dyad with a lariat after which a working knee to the midsection. A brawl breaks out and we head in direction of a industrial break. We return from a pause, and Brutus and Gacy go to her in the midst of the ring.

Gacy marks one of many dyads and so they do a double strike, with the dyad following him, dropping his elbow and breaking his neck earlier than going for canopy, however the Brutus is thrown out. One other battle breaks out, Robust and one of many Dyads turn into official entrants, and Dyad places a flying DDT on Robust for a 1-2-3!

Winners – Joe Gacy and the dyad

We then see NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes together with Trick Williams backstage with Mackenzie Mitchell. Mackenzie proclaims that Hayes will defend his title in opposition to Grayson Waller at The Nice American Bash subsequent week.

Lash Legend is then proven speaking about Alba Hearth. Lash says she put Hearth away “for good” after she attacked her final week.

Diamond Mine is then proven backstage. Roderick Robust is livid and he and Damon Kemp problem the Creed Brothers for the NXT Tag Workforce Championship the next week.

Xion Quinn vs. Sangi

Quinn headbutts Sang to begin. Quinn stabs Sanga with a kick after which a fall on his again. Sanga returns with a shoulder roll, then an elbow and a clothesline, inflicting Quinn to be outdoors. Sanga follows Quinn outdoors and throws him again into the ring, the place he overwhelms Quinn with a flurry of punches, then strikes and elbows, however Quinn slips out and applies a sleeper maintain. Sanga runs off, throws Quinn to the mat and chokeslams him on the depend of three!

Winner – Sanga

We then see a video package deal exhibiting Cameron Grimes’ run for the NXT World Championship forward of his title shot in opposition to champion Bron Breaker subsequent week at The Nice American Bash.

Mandy Rose (with Gigi Dolin and Jaycee Jane) vs. Nikkita Lyons

Blocking triggers this one. Lyons knocks Rose right into a nook and hits her with a nook splash. The champion fights again with a kick and a kick, however Lyons throws her again into the nook and pins Rose down with three spears as we head into industrial break.

Getting back from the break, Rose crushes Lyons with a excessive rope bounce kick. Lyons knocks Rose down and delivers a roundhouse kick. Jane enters and journeys Lyons earlier than she will be able to go for the pin, and Rose is disqualified.

Winner – Nikkita Lyons (by way of DQ)

After the match, Poisonous Attraction assaults Lyon, however Cora Jade and Roxana Perez rush to the ring and save. The three champions again off and we go right into a industrial break.

Again from the break, we see one other vignette hyping the debut of JD McDonagh (Jordan Devlin of FKA NXT UK).

Within the ring, Wade Barrett introduces the NXT Champion, Bron Breaker, adopted by Bron’s challenger subsequent week at The Nice American Bash, Cameron Grimes. The challenger says that he went for Bron as a result of he is able to put all his chips in the midst of the desk and get the corporate’s largest prize. Grimes ridicules Bron for being kicked out of the NFL and says that Bron’s holy hope for achievement is now skilled wrestling. Bron says that after The Nice American Bash, Grimes must flip to Ted DiBiase once more to remain related. Grimes assaults Bron and Grimes is standing proper after the battle with NXT medical workers tending to the champion when the present is minimize.

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