Ignite Energy, A Honest Review From Someone Who Didn't Join!

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ignite energyIf you’re looking for a honest third-party review of Ignite Energy, you have come to the right place. Founded by Chris Domhoff, Ignite Energy had quite a journey from its inception and this subsidiary of Stream Energy Ltd. Dallas, TX and is attracting a lot of customers these days after the new energy deregulation rule kick started in Texas. I haven’t used Ignite Energy MLM plan nor am I associated with the company in anyway, so I think I am the right person to give a 100% honest opinion about their services. Chances are you are either thinking about joining Ignite Energy, or you have already joined and are just looking for some validation that you have made the right decision. What you read here is the absolute truth and I came to this conclusion after a lot of research.

Ignite Energy Business Opportunity

Energy redistribution is a powerful moneymaking opportunity and the enrollment cost for Ignite Energy is just $329. If you are going to use their website for promoting your new MLM scheme, you can choose a website provided by Ignite Energy, to which they charge you $19.95 each month. Also note that there is an annual renewal charge of $99, which is reasonable in my opinion.

How Ignite Energy Works as an MLM Plan?

Compared to other multi level marketing businesses, you actually don’t have to store and sell a product. You need no inventory or have to pay shipping charges. Best of all, it’s not difficult to convince someone to use electricity, isn’t it? The only thing you need to do is convince someone to switch from their electricity provider to Ignite Energy but this maybe really easy for these reasons:
• Green and Clean energy from Ignite Energy is eco friendly and people are increasingly aware of using eco friendly energy.
• Fixed rate plans. Easy for customers to calculate their monthly expenses and they won’t feel betrayed at a later stage.
• Monthly variable rate is highly flexible.

In general, multi level marketing plans have limited products and if the marketer is not enthusiastic about using that product, his/her only profit should come from commissions. On the other hand, everyone needs electricity as I said before and Ignite Energy has some of the best plans to offer. These plans are classified with energy consumption slabs but if you choose the accurate one, you could be surprised by the savings.

Ignite Energy: Can You Work On This?

You need at least 10 members in your organization to earn a commission. Ignite Energy MLM plan is for the serious network marketer who won’t quit before attaining his or her goal. Your organization should add more households to keep this income stable and this is your responsibility. If you can take up this challenge, you can make an interesting profit.

However, the best thing is that getting some people signed in your organization should not that difficult because your product – electricity – is something that everyone uses and if they can find a genuine moneymaking opportunity by switching a brand, who wouldn’t give it a try? Your biggest challenge will be maintaining the enthusiasm among your organization and keeping them motivated. For the responsible marketer, Ignite Energy surely has something to offer.

Now, even with a product such as simple as energy, there will be challenges you may have to overcome. Energy is big business, and with any big business comes stiff competition as well. Not only corporate companies, but also other network marketing companies. So at the end of the day your success in Ignite energy will be based on your ability to separate yourself from the competition and sponsor new people into your organization. To do this, it’s essential you know how to market and have a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation.

Scott ZlateffIgnite Energy is a truly brilliant company with a product that everyone already uses, so it only seems fitting that a person will attain success. Sadly most reps won’t succeed because they lack the skills needed to sponsor 1 to 2 reps per day.


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