GeneWize Third-Party Review, a MUST READ Before Joining GeneWize

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GeneWize Seems Like it’s On Everyone’s Lips

GeneWizeJust in the past few weeks I have been approached by several people to join GeneWize. Even though I did not join and am not affiliated with GeneWize in any way, I decided to write this article to give an honest review of GeneWize so you can determine if joining Genewize is a good decision for you or not. This is an expert third-party review from more than 9 years in the mlm, network marketing industry.

Since GeneWize launched in August of 2008, many network marketers actively in the industry have come on board. Genewize is subsidiary of a publically traded biosciences company called GeneLink, Inc. This company uses DNA-based genetic tests as the basis for personalizing health, beauty and wellness products. This in itself is a very unique selling proposition for a person looking for an opportunity in the health niche as GeneWize is the only company in the MLM industry that offers such a thing.

The leadership team has a few key players that have the experience to run a successful company. The President of GeneWize is Sharon Tahaney, who has a Master’s Degree along with thirty years experience in direct sales. Combine that with Scotty Kufus as the Director of Marketing. Scotty is a legend in the network marketing industry with 2 billion dollars in sales underneath him. So this is a leadership team that knows what they are doing.

The products are truly unique as they are customized nutrition and skin care. I have not tried any myself so I can’t account for the results. However the products are all based on your DNA. You begin with the DNA Collection Kit so you can determine what supplements you should be using based on your DNA sample.

In my opinion this is a great marketing tool. I am not a scientist so I can’t verify if they have an accurate DNA testing process or not. From a marketing stand point it is genius because every person wants something specifically tailored for them. The only downside I see to this is the lengthy process to get your first shipment of products which is about four to six weeks. That is a long time in the twenty first century for a person to wait. This will also slow the growth of business as people automatically believe that they need to have the product on hand to start telling people about it.

How Successful Can You Be With GeneWize?

Can a person make money with GeneWize? Yes, a person can do very well financially with this company. The compensation plan is a binary plan with two different bonuses attached along with further incentives. The binary is great for fast growth especially if you have an upline superstar at sponsoring and you could receive spill over (more people in your downline). The matching bonus is a 40% commission of the sales team you have personally enrolled and is effective up to 4 generations. There is also retail sales commissions and team bonuses where you can earn 10% to 20% of the total business volume.

If you are thinking about joining GeneWize, in my opinion it’s a pretty good company. There are however a few things to consider. The pros are the experience in the leadership and the uniqueness in the products. There are two cons I see. One is the long time in delivery of the product. Since we live in a “now society” there could be many refund requests before the product even gets to them if a person is not wanting to build a business. The second con is that this company is still young and a subsidiary of a publicly traded company. I have seen companies in the past decide to close their doors without any warning to the distributors.

This is why you must learn how to market effectively. I’m not talking about blasting out a company replicated site to all of your friends and relatives about GeneWize. You must learn how to market YOU not your company because ultimately that is why people will join you in GeneWize. You want to put yourself in the spotlight and be the leader people are looking for. Build your own following so your future is not based on the success of GeneWize.

Yes GeneWize, in my opinion is a great company with unique products. But before you jump on board and head straight into a nightmare of frustration, you might want to learn how to market.

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