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How I Generated $4,950 In 2 Days On Autopilot (Video Blog)

Many people have asked me how I’m able to create multiple streams of income. Well, this training will show you exactly how I do this. Every time I do this exact strategy with my list, I always produce far better results than if I follow what many other people talk about doing with their email list. I have included some resources below so you can experience what I’m referring to first hand.

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I Generated $4,950 In Sales In 2 Days On Autopilot and the best part is you can too because I show you EXACLTY how in this video blog post.

Like I said in the video above I was out doing the things I needed to do while
THIS marketing funnel was doing 99% of the work for me… LEVERAGE!!!

I don’t tell you these things to impress you, I tell you that what I do and what I teach actually works and usually the people who follow what I teach can get similar if not better results than I do.

Here’s exactly what I spent most of my time doing during those days… I posted the pics on Facebook as you can see by the dates. It takes a lot of time and preparation to get ready for a competition like this…

Yes having a dark tan is a must under the super bright lights!

Day Of The Competition…


Now That The Competition Is Over & Marketing Funel Is Proven To Convert Sales… Time To Eat Some REALLY GOOD BAD FOOD LOL :-)

Now as you can clearly see by these days I didn’t have all day to sit behind my computer. Which is why I created this marketing funnel and drove email traffic to it. Once I did that…

And ALL of this is can be duplicated by you!

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How I Generate Upwards of 69 Leads and $400 In A Day For FREE [Video Training]

How To Force Big Companies To Pay You Money

Mind Your Thoughts – Your Getting Exactly What You Think About


Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right.

One of my favorite quotes

If you set out to accomplish something but deep down you don’t really believe you can…

You take action towards your goal and your actions produce a result.

Since you’re actions were the result of your thinking, you get frustrated because the result wasn’t what you wanted and you say to yourself “I just can’t seem to do this”.

Now you just reconfirmed what you thought in the beginning, proving to yourself the new belief “I can’t do this”… isn’t that peachy :-)

Now, you just validated what you thought all along!

On the flip side…

if you’re feeding your mind, hanging around and listening to people who have what you want…

Your thinking begins to change!

Now you’re thinking like a different person… a person who already has what you want

The actions you take change

So the results you get change

Which then forms a new belief that you CAN get what you desire most

Which validates your new line of thinking!!!

And the process starts all over again with more passion, drive and commitment to your long term vision

So when you want to achieve a desired result…

Whether it’s being successful in your business

Being a better friend

Being a better parent

Being a better YOU

It starts with your THOUGHTS

The average household has 3.5 TVs and 2.5 bathrooms

Conclusive evidence that more crap comes in than goes out

The average multimillionaire has maybe one big screen for movies

A library full of books and audios

They hang out and listen to people who have success in the areas they want to improve

Which is why being in the RIGHT inner circle mastermind changes everything

I spent 10 years hanging around and listening to the wrong people and my results reflected it

Then I found the RIGHT inner circle mastermind with people who have what I want, care that I get it and do everything in their power to help everyone in THIS mastermind to attain their goals.

I worked my butt off and fought to get into the RIGHT inner circle mastermind and I accomplished more in 1 year than I did in the past 10.

So if you ever find yourself complaining about the lack of results in your life or your business.

Observe who you’re listening to, the inner circle mastermind you’re a part of (if any)

What’s playing in your MP3 player when your driving your car, working out or doing projects around the house.

Your library, is it full of books like “Psycho Cybernetics” and “Think and Grow Rich”

After you answer those questions… Look this picture and realize that you’re getting exactly what your thoughts are manifesting in your life.

Then DECIDE to work your butt off and fight to get into the RIGHT inner circle mastermind like this one –> Laptop Lifestyle

Life Without Limits!


Scott Zlateff

Facebook: LaptopLifestyleWithScott
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