6 THINGS Every Online Business Needs

If you’re a new internet entrepreneur it can often be tough to decide what to promote. After all it seems like a new offer, tool or system comes out every week.

Once you have a few offers under your belt and you’ve made money from some and lost money from others, you start to question what a good offer should look like.

After being in this industry for more than a decade total and online for the past 5 years+… I’ve seen it all!

And from the outside, they all look like they will be profitable, easy to do and you can live out your dreams riding a pony in a field of flowers and have your favorite drink while laying in a hammock over looking the ocean at sunset.

But the reality is that there are very few offers out there that will make you the kind of money you want to make, in the time frame you want to make it, and be sustainable enough to last more than a few years.

So with all my experiences (both good and bad) I locked myself in a room and wrote down everything I wanted in an online business that I knew would be profitable before I got started now.

The 6 THINGS every online business needs before you should consider getting involved.

1) It has to be GENERIC.
A product that is generic in the marketplace allows anyone to use it no matter what company, product or service they choose to promote.

2) There has to be a MASSIVE NEED.
It has to be needed so much that if you don’t  have this product/service it’s going to be nearly impossible to make an income online.

There is nothing worse than a really HOT product/service that launches and grows so fast that every serious marketer knows about it. The company owners and top producers do well and everyone else suffers because they can’t bring in any new people… everyone’s already in!

4) It has to be SIMPLE and DOES NOT SUCK
I’ve learned that people work hard enough in their day jobs to come home and work hard again to make money online. And even if a person can start making money, if it sucks doing it because it’s too complicated, they won’t last. So it must be copy and paste simple, take only minutes per day or the average person just won’t do it.

5) It has to be AUTOMATED.
I’m sure you’ll agree, being at the beach or spending time with loved one’s is way better than being tied to your computer (chatting with people on Facebook) all day and night to make money. Set it up and forget it.

6) It has to be SCALABLE.
If I can make $1,000 this month, I have to be able to take a portion of that and reinvest back into my business to make more next month without adding any more hours of work.

A product must have these 6 THINGS in order to be lucrative enough to promoting online. If it doesn’t, you might be able to make money now but what about 6 months or 1 year from now, many times that business will dwindle away.

Of course there are those offers that you want to get involved with just for the simple fact you know you can profit with them even if it’s for a short period of time. If you choose to get involved with an offer that doesn’t meet a few of these 6 things, KNOW that it will have the potential to collapse and be prepared for that collapse to happen while you’re making money with it.

Call me cynical but I’ve been around this industry long enough to know two things…

1) What I want to do in my online business
2) What I don’t want to be doing in my online business

It’s very possible that…
You Like Me, are tired of spending hours behind the computer.
You Like Me, are tired of hyped up opportunities.
You Like Me, want to make money without all the guess work and jumping through a ton of hoops.
AND… you want to be able to make money now even if you don’t have a list or have little to no marketing experience.

So… With this list of 6 things every online business needs in mind, I began looking for what I would consider the perfect offer based on my 15 years of being in the make money from home industry.

It took a long time, but I found a few offers that meet these 6 THINGS for me to get involved.
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To the Top,
Scott Zlateff

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