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Mind Your Thoughts – Your Getting Exactly What You Think About


Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right.

One of my favorite quotes

If you set out to accomplish something but deep down you don’t really believe you can…

You take action towards your goal and your actions produce a result.

Since you’re actions were the result of your thinking, you get frustrated because the result wasn’t what you wanted and you say to yourself “I just can’t seem to do this”.

Now you just reconfirmed what you thought in the beginning, proving to yourself the new belief “I can’t do this”… isn’t that peachy :-)

Now, you just validated what you thought all along!

On the flip side…

if you’re feeding your mind, hanging around and listening to people who have what you want…

Your thinking begins to change!

Now you’re thinking like a different person… a person who already has what you want

The actions you take change

So the results you get change

Which then forms a new belief that you CAN get what you desire most

Which validates your new line of thinking!!!

And the process starts all over again with more passion, drive and commitment to your long term vision

So when you want to achieve a desired result…

Whether it’s being successful in your business

Being a better friend

Being a better parent

Being a better YOU

It starts with your THOUGHTS

The average household has 3.5 TVs and 2.5 bathrooms

Conclusive evidence that more crap comes in than goes out

The average multimillionaire has maybe one big screen for movies

A library full of books and audios

They hang out and listen to people who have success in the areas they want to improve

Which is why being in the RIGHT inner circle mastermind changes everything

I spent 10 years hanging around and listening to the wrong people and my results reflected it

Then I found the RIGHT inner circle mastermind with people who have what I want, care that I get it and do everything in their power to help everyone in THIS mastermind to attain their goals.

I worked my butt off and fought to get into the RIGHT inner circle mastermind and I accomplished more in 1 year than I did in the past 10.

So if you ever find yourself complaining about the lack of results in your life or your business.

Observe who you’re listening to, the inner circle mastermind you’re a part of (if any)

What’s playing in your MP3 player when your driving your car, working out or doing projects around the house.

Your library, is it full of books like “Psycho Cybernetics” and “Think and Grow Rich”

After you answer those questions… Look this picture and realize that you’re getting exactly what your thoughts are manifesting in your life.

Then DECIDE to work your butt off and fight to get into the RIGHT inner circle mastermind like this one –> Laptop Lifestyle

Life Without Limits!


Scott Zlateff

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Marriage And Business – More A Like Than You May Know

Anything great in life takes work, effort, energy, time and attention.

The more FOCUSed action you take towards something… the more that aspect of your life will begin to change.

“You become what you think about most of the time”
- Og Mandino

Whether you want to have the best relationship you can possibly achieve or you want to be the next millionaire in our company, the actions you take now matters.


Scott Zlateff
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Mastermind Interview At Rockies Stadium With John Chatman And Scott Zlateff


Success Is All About The Right Relationships

I’ve heard time and time again over my lifetime… “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.”

I’ve known so many talented people over my life.

Some I would consider to be absolute geniuses.

Like they’re just a brain on a stick knowing the detailed answers to everything you can imagine.

And if they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it and get back to you.

That’s some of the best news ever because whenever I want to know something, I could just ask them :-)


I remember back when I was in high school I was made fun of by most of my family and friends because I didn’t know where a country was.

I Told Them ALL…

“Well, when I decide to actually go to that country, I’ll get a map or ask for a guide to show me where to go… and besides, by then there will probably be a small computer that will tell you.”

Haha… that was back before GPS devices and smart phone (man I’m really dating myself)

One thing I’ve learned from aligning myself with wealthy, successful, purpose driven people is that they realize they are really only good at a few things.

The more they step away from the things they’re good at… the less money they make, the more stressed their life is and their overall happiness and joy in life disappears.

So rather than trying to be good at a ton of stuff and learn everything possible about everything, they simply plug into a group of people who combined know everything.

That is the true power and wisdom of a mastermind.

And that is what you’ll have access to when you make the decision to join our mastermind after you watch this video that shows you how we were able to be gone for a week, rent out 6 suites at Rockies Stadium, and continue to make money the entire time.

By now you may or may not realize that you can plug into this same system that thousands of average people just like you and me have used to create a life of freedom.

All it takes is a decision to get started now and say yes to your dreams :-)


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9 Principles That Lead To YOUR Dream Lifestyle

Cracking the code to living YOUR dream lifestyle in Network Marketing… it’s much easier than you realize. (read on and you’ll see)

Everyone wants the SECRETS to living YOUR dream lifestyle. Without exception, every multiple 6 and 7 figure earner I have worked with over the years would agree… it’s a FORMULA THAT WORKS every time, if you work it.

It can be broken down into these 9 principles.

1) Decide

Before you begin anything you have to DECIDE that you are going to be successful no matter what… that’s it period. That means you make the decision that even if it takes you many years to achieve your dreams, you will no matter what. The fascinating thing that most people don’t realize is that even if you say “you’ll think about it”, or “you’re not ready to take action now”… you’re still making a decision. Unfortunately, making the decision to not take action only keeps you further away from achieving your dream lifestyle.

2) Find a mentor

With the right mentor, you can really be successful with anything you do. If you want to learn how to be a great basketball player or even an all star chef in the kitchen, the right mentor can teach you through their experiential knowledge and cut your learning curve in half. Then do exactly what your mentor advises you to do. If they say to stand on one leg because it will help you succeed… stand on one leg. Remember the movie “The Karate Kid”? When Dannielson was training, his sensei Mr. Miagi had him painting fences, sanding floors and washing cars. None of us knew that he was actually training him in a way that is effective and works until it Danniel had enough and was going to quit. Then the Mr. Miagi revealed the secrets he was teaching him.

3) Empty your cup

Once you find a mentor, forget everything you think you know. All too often, we are the only ones who get in our way of success. Many struggle with this one for a long time and it kept me broke for a long time. I remember someone once said, “Check your ego with your bank account”. It’s okay to have confidence in your own skills and talents. But the moment a person thinks they know everything is the same moment they start to decline. The most successful people in the world know that they don’t know everything. And the coolest part is you don’t have to know everything. That’s where principle number 4 comes in.

And to be completely honest, I think most of us really don’t know much at all. Most of our knowledge that we attain throughout our lives is based on the influences we’ve had and our interpretation of the world around us. The more you can approach life and business like a child learning everything, the more you will grow as a person and your bank account will reflect that as well.

4-A) The mastermind

Masterminds are the cornerstone of every person’s success from biblical times through our modern ages. There is way more power in a group of individuals who are all dedicated to the same vision. Through a mastermind, you can gather every expertise you need to build an empire and essentially create a leadership factory. This creates a place that is so attractive, very few people can resist the to take action now and become a part of a team where a mastermind exists. We feed off one another, when one is down the others pick them up. It’s an unspoken agreement and a brotherhood where the deepest relationships are formed with trusted council that you can come to with anything.

4-B) Mastermind S.Y.S.T.E.M.

The second critical part of plugging into a mastermind is if that mastermind has a S.Y.S.T.E.M. in place that is effective and proven to work.

Because a well designed S.Y.S.T.E.M. operates like a machine for you on autopilot.

S – Save
Y – Your
S – Self
T – Time
E – Energy
M – Money

5) Take Massive Action

This is critical… you have to take action if you want to succeed. The only way you move forward is to take massive action. We as human beings were not born to sit still and do nothing. It’s ingrained in us to always be taking action and moving in a direction. Plugging into a mastermind with a good mentor will help direct your course while your taking action. But you can’t steer a parked car. You have to step on the gass and remove the emergency brake if you want to get from point A to point Z.

6) Be consistent

This race can be won in a short period of time depending on which opportunity you are actively promoting. Some offers flat out suck and other trump everything by a long shot. Regardless of the opportunity, if you are not consistant, it’s only a matter of time until your business collapses. Doing your I.P.A.’s (Income Producing Activities) every single day consistently over time builds stability throughout your organization. It’s the old “Monkey see monkey do” principle. In order to have people follow your lead, you must lead by example and show up for your business and your people every day. Even if it’s a personal video or an email that took you 15 minutes to write and hit send. Then take off for a day at the beach in the middle of the week with like I did today with my daughter ;-) . Gotta love the internet!

7) Accept the proccess

It’s inevitable that you will have challenges. Any great accomplishments had obstacles that stood in the way of that person. Look at every major event in history from the invention of electricity to air travel. Can you imagine trying and failing more than 1,000 times? And when you finally get it right you realize that you didn’t fail 1,000 times… you just found 1,000 ways it didn’t work.

This is also where your mentor and the mastermind comes in most effectively. They can guide you along because they were once in there too and in many cases, went through worse. Every person enters this industry with their own process they must go through. There are some people who seem to almost have instant success while other struggle for years. You have to accept that where you are right now is exactly where you need to be. And no matter where you are right now in your own process you can take massive action through the guidance of a mastermind to breakthrough any barrier you may have.

8) Never quit

Not much needs to be said other than this…

Success and failures are like habits. If you succeed one time, it’s likely you’ll succeed again. When things get tough but you continue on, it’s likely you’ll continue that character throughout your life. But if you quit one time, it’s also likely you’ll quit again. So don’t ever quit on your dreams. If your goal is to attain financial independence, then you are always on purpose moving towards that. No matter what company you are with, no matter what you are promoting, no matter what job you may have right now… you’re always moving toward attaining your dreams lifestyle.

9) The 3 You’s

As you move through your life and your business you will experience many changes. I’ve given several talks on this when being interviewed. You are not just one person all of the time. You are actually 3 different people at any given moment of the day.

Here are the 3 You’s:
- The past you (the person you use to be, even 5 minutes ago)
- The present you (the person you are at this moment right now)
- The future you (the person you will be in the next 5 minutes and beyond)

Every day you’re bouncing through each one of the 3 You’s and you’re either moving toward or away from what you truly desire.

You hear somebody say something that reminds you of a car that you road in when you were a kid and you remember an experience you once had and suddenly your mood changes because that experience was either positive or negative. Your reflecting back and living in the “past you”.

Right now (the present you) as you’re reading this, you have grown by leaps and bounds as a person because you’re witnessing experiential knowledge which you can take with you for the rest of your life…

Of course that effects what you will do in the next 2 minutes (the future you).

By now, in this moment you have possibly learned more about how to attain the success you deserve in a shorter period of time from this article than you have in the past few months or possibly years? It’s also possible you have not learned more from this article.

Either way… by now, you could come to realization that success is easy when you decide to take action… (right now) with the guidance of a mentor who can plug you into a proven mastermind. And in the next minute you’ll realize that your life will be different from now on as result of learning these principles.

Also by now, it’s possible that you already decided that you are ready for change and the right mentor in your life (right now). It’s also possible that you’re thinking to yourself — “if I learned this much after reading this now… imagine what I would learn and achieve if I was mentored by someone like this?”

All it takes is to take action towards your dreams and goals with the right mentor and mastermind to guide you along the way to the success you know you deserve.

>>> It’s Your Time <<<



To a life without limits,
Scott Zlateff

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